Jane Bidston Currah (née Bidston)

BEd Education 1980

Friends of Homertonian Jane Bidston Currah (1978-1982) were very sad to hear of her passing on 3 April 2023, from motor neurone disease.

Jane Bidston Currah (née Bidston) - Featured

Jane was born and brought up in Liverpool, something that became evident to most people shortly after meeting her. From an early age, she was taken to see Liverpool play and Jane was a proud red scouser throughout her life.

When Jane came to Homerton in 1978 she moved into the College house at Wivlingham on Luard Road (Wiv). She didn’t come alone. Anyone who knew her will also have known Joe Soap; Jane’s teddy bear partner in crime, the good-hearted, mischievous teddy bear, who went everywhere with her.

Jane studied secondary Art but probably devoted more time to the rowing club. Specifically, being a cox – the small shouty one at the back, as she liked to put it. She was ideally suited to the task; diminutive, light, fiercely competitive, and very happy to explore the limits of the rules.

After graduating and before starting her teaching career, Jane set up a business in Cambridge, painting commemorative oars for rowing crews. At the same time, she continued coxing, now with the City of Cambridge Rowing Club. She competed at regattas all over the country, including Henley.

Although she trained as an art teacher, Jane discovered the then new subject of design and technology, which she taught at St. John’s in Cambridge, Glendower in London and ending up at Kings School, Ely. She enjoyed the opportunity to show off in front of a captive audience, as well as having a workshop full of tools at her disposal. At Kings School, she was also able to enjoy her love of music by playing flute with the school band.

Jane met her husband John, whilst teaching at the Kings School. They were married in 2007 and Jane’s beloved camper van, Artie, was used as the wedding car. Jane was a loving step-mother to John’s two children.

Jane and John lived in Sutton, near Ely until moving to Appleby in Westmoreland after taking early retirement. Sadly they enjoyed only a couple of years there together.

Jane’s friends remember her as a loyal, feisty, courageous, unique individual. Once met never forgotten – ‘You’ll never walk alone’.

Submitted by Sue Free