Belinda Stewart

BEd Education 1964

Belinda Stewart passed away in early 2024.  Belinda’s daughter Alison writes,

‘She talked fondly of her time at College and thoroughly enjoyed being a student in Cambridge at that time.  She stopped teaching when my brother and I were growing up, she then went back to teaching in the mid-eighties and taught until 2000.

Belinda Stewart - Featured

Belinda taught mostly years 1 and 2 at a small village primary school in Kent.  She also spent her whole adult life teaching in less formal situations; she ran and trained a church choir for 50 years, and she also taught the piano for 50 years.

She lived her entire adult life in a small village in Kent and was the heart and soul of a music community.  She will be hugely missed by her family and friends’.

Submitted by Alison Dew